Wiebke Oeltjen

added information about DINI certificate for IntR2Dok
added information about DINI certificate für intr2doc
update of workshop information
update of announcement concerning the workshop
update of workshop announcement
update of workshop announcement
added new page.
Corrected some typos
inserted "-" if appropriate
archived announcement
new announcement: invitation to mycore user workshop 2017
fixed typos and changed formatting
fixed broken link and typo
changed version number from 2016 to 2017 and replaced "Subversion" by "GitHub"
fixed broken links
added workshop site for mycore user workshop 2017
prepared workshop announcement
update of link to dbt workshop site
update of links to presentations
update of LTS release version number
fixed list order
renamed file about workshop at dbt 2014
added link to dbt 2017 and changed name to dbt 2014
new and changed file about workshops at dbt
added link to github
added second path
corrected path
fixed typo
update of announcement about DBT
update of release number