Huu Chi Vu

working reference select via subselect
add support for object type jpjournal, jpvolume and jparticle in subselect
rewrite editor for Leopoldina
add editor fields for Leopoldina
fix not working pdf create url
fix logo path
fix wrong month of date
fix logo url in footer, encoding in logo url
fix url encoding in logo select
remove comments
pdf creator use proxy instead of wrackDM17
logo selector use proxy instead of wrackDM17
fix logo select popup for institution
add TLS layout title
add OAI roleTerm jportal code
prepare moving to https
add template TLDA
fix template churchAndSchool
add list journals in person and jpinst metadata view
add new template logos
fix wrong layout in journal search
fix missing variable selectedFacets
new global search with tree view
change contentClassi1 to journalType for advanceed search
bug in href generating
new layout for global search works
update jetty version
update log4j version
fix case for 0 hit with multiple "filter"