Robert Stephan

update mycore version to 2020.06.1-SNAPSHOT
update mycore version to 2020.06.1-SNAPSHOT
fix display of cove / preview images in docetails_profkat
improve layout of return button in preview
add comment for view
use MCRConfiguration2 API
  1. … 11 more files in changeset.
use MCRConfiguration2 API
remove derivate.getLabel() from JSP-Tag derivate-list
fix build error (derivate.setLabel() was removed)
update print_details_profkat.jsp
rename MyCoRe property
update indexing of derivate information / cover_url
btn class for result-page-navigation-numfound
update button classes in workspace UI
update derivate_types classification (used-for attribute)
change name of docdetails.jsp to docdetails_profkat.jsp

(avoid conflicts with JSP in jspdocportal-module)

configure another view for docdetails with property MCR.JSPDocportal.Doctails.View
improve layout - right column
use new enriched derivate link features in derivate-image tag
format label "Vorgänger/Nachfolger"
update derivate-image-tag
replace glyphicons by fontawesome
fix multi valued entries in datamodel
update eclipse config
use MCRConfiguration2 and format code
update pom.xml - replace datamodel-plugin with "old" XSLT-call to create datamodel
update pom.xml to 2020.06 SNAPSHOT
add missing version for dependency
eclipse configuration for java 11
update mycore version