Sebastian Röher

use log4j2
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    • +10
some fixes for remote-tests
remote tests should work now

new -arg line must be: -DRemoteDriverURL=....

some bug fixes for remote tests
fix some property names
use selneium-utils and selenium version 2.48.2 (latest)
temporarly rollback to 2.47.2 Selenium (inkl Selenium-Utils)
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    • +2
update to selenium version 2.48.2
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    • +1
use selenium-utils version 0.2-SNAPSHOT & selenium 2.48.2
update to Selenium-Version 2.48.2
fixed time
DP-3 #comment updated date, the test actualy will still fail, due the wrong time is displayed
DP-3 #comment added verification of date
moved test for User Administration to own class
no need to use normalize space in contains(...,...)
added method linkContins...
added a 5s wait to avoid StaleElementReferenceException
true not false
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skip maven.javadoc-plugin
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removed unused import
fix NPE for "dd.MM.yyyy" dates
use newest SNAPSHOT of mycore-legacy-search (1.2-SNAPSHOT)
update to MyCoRe 2015.08, Java-8 and Java-Time Api
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    • +28
quick & dirty fix for publishing test
use id-attribute for buttons instead of name
fix administrationTests
use "" instead of "localhost" as HostName
use MyCoRe-SNAPSHOT again
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renamed var
use new Parameter -DDBaseUrlPort instead of -DBaseURL