Sebastian Hofmann

MCR-1569-structure entries with same name now have different ids
MCR-1551 Added property to select which menu should be shown on the left side
MCR-1515 fix uri query encoding
MCR-1483 Rename permalink to direct link
MV-74 fix compile error
exlude jetty-repacked from selenium utils
MV-74 fix npe if opening with not existing div/logicalDiv parameter

MCR-1456 added z-index to prevent pixel error
MCR-1461 Add default aspect ratio to prevent large gaps between images
MCR-1456 alto text is now selectable
MCR-1414 backport groups
MCR-1448 Zoom is now triggered with strg+scroll
MCR-1414 Plugin to embed Buttons into Toolbar (backport ot viewer 0.11)
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    • +2
MCR-1443 LocalIndexSearcher now clears double results

MCR-1431 fixed translate calls
MCR-1431 backport changes to 0.10-SNAPSHOT
MCR-1429 image-wrong-position fixed wrong image positioning if mets is loaded faster then image.xml
MCR-1425 change to official pdfjs api
MCR-1413 backport MCR-1413 to mycore-viewer 0.9
MCR-1425 backport MCR-1425 to mycore-viewer 0.9
MCR-1416 no-chapter-destination pdf chapter loading now is more tough
MV-72 fixed tests
MV-72 fixed Alto does not work in embedded Viewer version.
MV-73 backport fix MCR-1407 Can't see small images with IView
MIR-503 The script derivate-fileList.js should handle errors.
MIR-502 #commend Video check query is now complete.
MIR-242 #comment fixed MIRStrategy
MIR-449 #resolve added option to create a new version of a entry