Michel Büchner

- added function to only get URNs for a certain directory

- fixed derivate size 0

optimized derivate request, request should only use one request for all URNs
fixed bug that prevented derivatebrowser from opening folders with "."
- added filename check for files uploaded with derivatebrowser

- added copy button and help tooltips to multi rename modal

fixed renaming multiple derivate files for compact view
- added feature to rename multiple derivate files with RegEx

- added spinner to tile derivate button

replaced MCRLocaleServlet with MCRLocaleResource
added ORCID to nameIdentifier Classification
updated language setting for chrome
fixed derivate-browser-footer overlapping filelist
JP-96 #comment added possibility to deselect an imprint
JP-95 #comment added URN to Derivatepanel
MIR-521 #comment improved some selenium tests
added waitFor(ExpectedCondition) and waitUntilPageIsLoaded methods
MIR-525 #comment fixed missing URN in citation box
MIR-521 #comment updated to Selenium version 3.0.1 and adjusted tests
updated Selenium to version 3.0.1
    • -15
    • +3
MIR-519 #comment related Items selection now only allows one host document and every related Item needs a unique ID
MIR-516 #comment changed solr field mods.part.order* from string to int, to sort correctly
MIR-509 #comment added more information to citationbox
MIR-517 #comment deactivated autocomplete for date fields
MIR-516 #comment - added new field to the editor to specify a order number

- added new field to solr schema to hold the order information for each related item

- changed related item list in metaview to use order numbers for sorting if at least one is present

MIR-450 #comment added preceding related item and note of type admin to the blocked information screen
MIR-MIR-513 #comment fixed selecting main file in folder does not work right, now uses file path instead of file name
MIR-511 #comment - removed multiValued attribute from mods:part in schema.xml again

- changed mir-solr.xml, only use relatedItems of type host for creation of mods.part

MIR-512 #comment changed PPN import format to mods36
MIR-511 #comment changed mods:part to multiValued in schema.xml
MIR-510 #comment fixed validation, validate mods:relatedItem/mods:identifier if it is a new document
MIR-510 #comment fixed validation, do not validate mods:identifier in mods:relatedItem, because u can not edit them
MIR-508 # comment fixed GND search result does not show angle brackets