Matthias Eichner

use gretty debug port configuration
improve sru error handling
use webjar ckeditor for global message editor
check if moment date is valid -> set to null if not
-update to gradle 4.5.1

-use gretty instead of own jetty (using tomcat 9 now)

-remove some webtest stuff cause its not working right now

-run h2db with ExecFork instead of JavaProcess (rm JavaProcess)


-always add published solr field if an ancestor has one even if the object itself has no metadata/dates/date field

-format some code in JPXMLFunctions

add XA-AAAT to gnd area code service
add XE area code
-make timeOfActivity multivalued

-add multivalue support for timeOfActivity in SRU import

add cause
use InternalServerErrorException instead of plain WebApplicationException
sru: make 029A and 029@ subfields "b" and "g" multivalued
add template to mods:extension for jpjournal
update dsgvo spelling errors
-set debug mode for viewer as default

-use logicalDiv instead of div for viewer

make jpinst predecessor, successor and superior repeatable
improve person editor supporting BC dates
improve building the label of the GNDSRULocationService using $g, $x and $z pica subfields
GNDLocation: make areaCode multi valued
update to mycore 2018-08-SNAPSHOT current master version
-add gnd location & area code service

-add other root location's to enhance the linkedLocation's

-add areaCode to JPMetaLocation

-reindex all linked objects

-set LengthFilterFactory for allMeta from 3 to 1 -> support shortcuts like BMW HfM etc.

add $g & $b for jpinst import
fix js bug search global was not working
increase timesOfActivity maxlength to 128
add ie11 support

-use polyfill's

-use es5 script's by checking the User-Agent (scipts are manually generated)

-add http request header information to XSLT with the StaticXMLFileFilter

update dsgvo
update to new mycore solr api (again)
-update to new mycore solr API

-improve code quality

use MCRMETSServlet#getOwnerID