Kathleen Neumann

added TEI documentation
    • binary
switch to mycore master
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readd removed derivate edit button
fixed also release text
fixed download version for mir
fixed typo in category id
added migration page
fixed version chaos in download section
fixed version
fixed typo
added changelog for MIR release 2016.12
added italy translation
added italy translation and category "undetermined"
removed swf property usage
session listing is now in webtools

add also new process listing

add properties for language switch
for better usability do not use solr dynamic fields as default
switch from glyphicons to fontawesome
add mycore-solr as dependency

remove mycore-mods as dependency

switch to mycore master with solr 6 and sass
switch to mycore master with solr 6 and sass
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fixed link to session listing
added missing selenium support
added changelog for latest mycore releases
updated changelog and set version on getting startet page to release-snapshot
MIR-452 #comment add thesis degree only if thesis level contains text
MIR-524 #comment added search field mods.dateIssued.host and use it alternatively
MIR-523 #comment first version of csv export added
MIR-522 #comment removed check template and set default institutesURI if no classification is available
MIR-360 #comment added mir-required template call