Jens Kupferschmidt

fix property description
add text for processing
merge all web tools to one page
change to new git server in Leipzig
change text for MCRDeleteObjectEventHandler
fix little text bugs
refactoring chapter for developers
remove DocPortal text
move lifecycle description to basics and add a chapter about module priority
DOC-36 #comment change documentation for 2017.06
DOC-36 #comment change component documentation
DOC-36 #comment change component documentation
DOC-39 #comment fix text for release 2017.06
DOC-39 #comment fix text in classifications
DOC-39 #comment add text about streaming support
DOC-39 #comment fix text on basic
DOC-39 #comment fix common and basic
  1. … 7 more files in changeset.
remove obsolete texts about old tests and vocabulary
add description for using SOLR API
little fixes
DOC-36 #comment complete the mailer documentation
DOC-36 #comment a first part of mailer documentation
add file upload documentation
add text about METS editor
prepare for 2016.06
DOC-32 #comment add image about fixing bugs with git
DOC-32 #comment add text about fixing bugs with git
add hint for release numbers
DOC-31 #comment add github refernce
add release tag to documentation pages