Frank Lützenkirchen

Fixed variable name
Replace JWPlayer/Flash completely with video.js player
Take mime type from file content type

Added lang file
Added css for player
Use video.js player
Added video.js webjar
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    • +12
Updated vdi ip ranges
Removed editors for collection Pub
Removed editing option for collection "Pub", people should use duepublico2
Remove sitemap
Do not index output of DocumentServlet and DerivateServlet by robots
Disallow DocumentServlet and DerivateServlet for robots
Added link to tutorial
Added link to tutorial
Added LuL tutorial
Use jwplayer 10 and deliver videos via https using proxy
Add https url to viewer starter, add workaround to use proxy
Let simple search slot only query LuL collecton
New start page with reference to collections moved to DuEPublico2
Removed some "go to" options from home page
Changed banner title to "DuEPublico LuL"
Revert recent changes, use jwflash output method again
Removed contact info for OA and thesis publication
Use binary output method not download output method
Do not use JWPlayer to output mp4 any more
Removed pages not needed any more due to migration to DuEPublico2
E-publications moved to DuEPublico2...
Link to duepublico2
Added VDI and Proxy as part of the library subnet