Alex Miller

use i18n keys
remove title from delete obj
  1. … 8 more files in changeset.
fix dfg urn
added returnId to browse link
use document ready state instead of title test
fixed mayReadDerivate test
fix derivate id
test use document ready state
added text-center
fix font size for back to search link in metadata view
remove MCRURNManager from import
hasURNDefined based on PI
remove title test on delete
added mayReadDerivate
ARC-261 #comment use; remove old attempts to browse
fixed default value
fix dfg urn migration
remove unused imports
remove unused imports
look in database for dfg urn
added supportDfgViewerURN so that on creating urn the dfg urn would be created too
ARC-331 #comment fixed folder confirm text
ARC-331 #comment added dialog on delete file
the pipe should be outside of hyperlink
ARC-330 #comment can now jump to first not tiled file
ARC-330 #comment added file tile test and mark not tiled
fix text
improve code a bit
fixed video in mobile view
added digicult to comment