fthoms in Thulb-Maven-SVN

ARC-426, ARC-425 : Fixed compilation error due to mixxing import in MCRTIFF.java
Added erroneously omitted new MCRJobAction
Fixed ARC-426 #close and ARC-425 #close, conversion to TIFF runs asynchronous now in a new MCRJobAction
Migrated to Java 11, quite some minor stylistic fixes,now handles some forms of messed up tags better,built a nice way of getting pretty formatted debug output using Google Gson
reworked UserJobs.xsl for bootstrap 4
Added a @Test for the downloader user and some necessary infrastructure changes in the testfiles and collections-it/pom.xml
Implemented a REST service for PICA Records in JSON format and fixed ARC-363 by implementing PPN resolution
fixed ARC-369: noted and real creation date are now shown
Changed some tests according to the changes with the EPN Module, the withdrawal of old person-edition in favor of gnd usage and the changed object naming scheme
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migrated to java 8, changed mods to cbu producer to only generate entitylinks for persons/corporations with gnd
fixed a timing problem with parallel streams and spliterators
revamped some tests : fixed the old test configuration in pom.xml, added tests for thuringica-classification, fixed some naming typos and moved a test that contained setup code to the TestBase
  1. … 16 more files in changeset.
next round of the text fixes : fixed errors in gnd resolution removing the template in collections-it, fixed errors in some tests, reintroduced gnd resolution checks in others, fixed minor javascript errors, worked on ARC-359
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  1. … 59 more files in changeset.
final step in redoing the tests : implemented a new test for the IIIF-interface(ARC-357), fixed a variety of older tests
fixed some links in ufb2 template and other minor fixes
second step in updating the test : removed minor compilation errors and enabled gnd resolution needed for the tests to pass
  1. … 57 more files in changeset.
started updating the tests and fixing some small issues around them
  1. … 9 more files in changeset.
built a better layout for gnd person entries in the editors
The commands to convert all jpegs in a derivate to tiff and to convert the colordepth of a tiff to 8 bit now properly respect subfolders, the command to convert a single jpeg to tiff now accepts folders and will then convert all subfolders of it
fixed a few of the tests
added two scripts that did not properly get added before
Implemented a new entitylink editor component that enables users to use a GND and resolves it to display them as well. Did some cleanup for the javascript in common.js and implemented the showing of several CBU metadata elements that have not been visible by now.
implemented jpeg to tiff conversion command for ARC-358.Minor improvements to the color depth conversion for tif files.
added some code to catch invalid TIFF-Tags
modified the font sizes for accordion elements in editors
made all metadata tags and Extractable files Closeable and provided default methods for this
Finished coordinate entry for files and moved out the coordinates to an own template
ARC-353 : added place of delivery without gnd
ARC-355 : implemented a repair command to update the creation date of an object
fix for ARC-350 and ARC-351: fixed encoding issues with the cbu editor and a css problem with the collections template