mcrkramm in MyCoRe-SVN

handle >=, <= correctly in xml date parsing

dump out correct operator in xml

parse "!=" operators in xml, too

fixed xml parsing

added "user != name", "group != name" clausetypes

"or" and "and" now may have more than one subclause

(i.e. "a or b or c" will no longer be parsed as "(a or b) or c")

rolled back change 1.6->1.7 and fixed it in a simpler way

removed newline in toString()

added some synchronized statements

changed toString() date formatting to be consistent with the parser syntax

and/or/not clauses are not case-insensitive

added default rule handling if String/Element is empty/null.

fixed "unknown variable" compile-time error

fixed endless loop

added new checkAccess() routines, based on the MCRSession

disable access checks if no pools exist

fixed error-page recursion problem

map objID,pool->ruleID before retrieving the rule

added default behaviour if the rule is NULL

several bugfixes

* renamed MCRRuleCache to MCRAccessManager

* added instance() function

* added checkAccess() convenience method

renamed to MCRAccessManager

added date field

MCRAccessData -> MCRRuleMapping

* fixed package

* fixed imports

added getter/setter for creator

moved fields not related to access checks to MCRRuleMapping

changed data object from MCRAccessData to MCRRuleMapping

class for storing an objid/pool->ruleid mapping

parseSimpleCondition is now protected