mcrhhelm in MyCoRe-SVN

removed, because the property replacing mechanisms happen earlier and via loadproperties the properties of are used for example for starting the hsqldb via ant,

hsqldb is standard configuration for the sample

wrong classids for some documents

a little docu for jsp, most taken of xsl-docportal

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include the translating of the stylesheet, this fixes the display of the editor bug, existing since yesterday

fix the display of the "abgabe-erklärung"

add an overwrite=true

redesign MCRWorkflowManager

redesign MCRWorkflowManager

change file size,

new workflow manager for xmetadiss

removed unneeded imports

redesign MCRWorkflowManager

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comment out setStatus

set to deprecated, will be deleted soon

redesign MCRWorkflowManager

redesign MCRWorkflowManager

removed unneeded imports

redesign MCRWorkflowManager

removed unneeded imports

removed unneeded statement

added workflow constants to application scope

fix a wfp.close with

save in initworkfow

MCRWorkflowProcess always must be closed

merged two versions

set mcrjbpmworkflowobject to deprecated,

use mcrworkflowprocess now,

whereever you use an mcrworkflowprocess wfp in the workflowmanager,

you must do after creating wfp do:







wfp always must be closed...

if you want to make in the try part a hibernate query containing data manipulated by wfp, a "" must precede....

*** empty log message ***

allow administration of xmetadiss also to admingroup

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added some entries for the user management

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integrate validate servlets for the user management menue

new keys for user management