mcrheinz in MyCoRe-SVN

ToolbarImageModel was missing corresponding ToolbarView code
dropped legacy (commented) code
problem with zoom positioning fixed. Have to wait if it fixes the docportal selenium problems as well
removed reserved word, which caused an error
PictureWidth & PictureScreen mode working correct again
new Toolbar Element added (ToolbarImageModel)
fixed graphic glitch which occured when page description in dropdown window got longer
Improved PanoJS through Canvas optimizations; Merged back PanoJS.additions into PanoJS; IE Support re-established;Canvas ColorPicker added
dropped code which just supported IE6
Because of wrong datatypes (string instead of integer) comparison could fail. So it was possible that a wrong page was used for a given chapter entry
PanoJS with images was using wrong cache
fixed bug where scrollbars where not properly sized if Viewer was called with permalink only containing zoom param without mode param
Viewer size can be now properly influenced through proper API-calls
revert of last Canvas Improvements
Canvas PanoJS improvements partially implemented, more to come
temporary disabled LRU Cache for PanoJS with img
undo switch of positionTiles & notifyViewerZoomed; related to #22489
Zoom function uses i18n functionality to translate zoom massages. Embedded cur(Width|Height) into zoom function
all elements listen to changes of currentImage rather than to the viewer directly
toggled notifyViewerZoomed and positionTiles
moved iviewObject to Utils.js file
scrollbar registers events on document only if mouse was previously pressed over it, and releases them as soon as the mousebutton is released
renamed requestanimationFrame to keep it standard conform
screen.availWidth & screen.availHeight are no functions
Moved requestnextAnimationFrame to other js file
Changed CacheSize to be calculated through ScreenResolution instead of window, so smaller Window sizes on startup, replaced by bigger ones don't result in too small caches
thumbnailPanel functions rewritten so they're executed by default within the thumbnailPanel context
replaced local checks for console.log with call to log function
PanoJS uses now some real caching facility (LRU cache)
Moved SimpleIterator class to Utils.js