mcrdkirs in MyCoRe-SVN

MCR-883 added Shibboleth support
ignore fptr in logical structure
Merged from trunk (added MetsLoadedEvent)
Replaced wrong copy dependency. Renamed sourceMap to sourcemap to match new tsc parameter.
cache size needs to be bigger for canvas (comment above changed line)
latest working draft
huge load of code optimization
reverted currentImage
changed implementation of zoomEventFunction
outsourced zoomEvent to zoomEventFunction
-fixed some bugs in rotation
-increased cache size properly
changed log method again
-added try catch to log function because it crashed @chrome
fixed minor bug in rotation after zooming
-rotation works

-load correct tiles after rotation

-rotation done

-added correct(inverted) movement after rotation
-added inverted border-control
-fixed major movement bug
adjusted zoom to center
added canvas to watch
canvas with lru cache
re-included canvas
implemented/overwritten resize for canvas

cleaned switchDisplayMode for canvas

fixed canvas movement bug (mouse holding/moving)
-performance testing

-bug fixing

-deleted backbuffer

-redesigned implementation of drawing

fixed canvas bug (fit to screen,fit to...)
some improvements and bugfixing
Patched PanoJS.blank function