mcrddege in MyCoRe-SVN

added loader program for generation of documents to thesis about benchmarking

correct the link to the document

Added theses about benchmarking of mycore system

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added entry for videos to the docportal format classification

added some video samples to the sample content

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added servlet definitions for the user editor GUI

added some properties for the user editor GUI

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As discussed in Leipzig and the last telephone conference I started to

commit the editors for the user management GUI. The first editor just

to create new users is functional. More editors are upcoming.

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  1. /mycore/trunk/modules/module-useradmin/config
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  2. /mycore/trunk/modules/module-useradmin/sources
  3. /mycore/trunk/modules/module-useradmin/webapps
  4. … 8 more files in changeset.
Update of the user system with a method to retrieve the maximum value of the

numerical user IDs. This is needed for the upcoming user administration GUI.

removed bug in the commandline tools of the user management

I fixed a bug in the command line interface of the user system: when updating

a user from an xml file the password has not been encrypted.

I fixed a bug in the command line interface of the user system: when updating

a user from an xml file the password has not been encrypted.

Added some audio samples in different formats. Video samples are coming soon.

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few changes and typo fixes

Jens asked for an additional access control test in docportal's MCRStartEditorServlet.

Up to now it was sufficient to have the privilege "editor" for editing anyones document,

e.g. already stored in the server. Now it is checked if the current editor additionally

is a member of a group any one of the authors of the document is a member of.

Bug fix: groups can be members of other groups which themselves again can be

members of other groups. This implicit membership of groups has not been

determined correctly.

Added documentation on how to save and restore user management data

Bug fix: After the automatical initialization of the superuser and guest user was

introduced into the user system, the reimport of previously defined users and

groups did not work correctly.

Bug fix: when saving user/group/privileges data to XML files the encoding

was iso-8859-1, no matter what the XML file stated.

Bug fix: the LoginServlet did not initialize MCRServlet, which lead to

a null pointer exception if it was the first servlet invoked.

A list of group IDs separated by blanks is set into the http session.

This feature actually is needed for the Jena mycore based Web CMS.

mycore:MCRLoginServlet and docportal:MyCoReLayout.xsl have been changed.

added documentation on the user system

final corrections for version 0.9, added functions needed by Jens

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enabled password encryption and fixed some bugs in user import/export

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addinional functionality of the login dialog

added additional funtionality for the login and first version of the user servlet

bugfix in the user system, the contact information was not stored correctly

added text software and hardware requirements

Overview paper changed according to discussion during the last tel conference

more text for the overview document

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