mcrascha in MyCoRe-SVN

the property extraOutputFields is optionally, you can use the indexbrowser now without it or with this as an empty property

use '_' for parameter <appname>_working

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the param _webpage must be set with the servlet editor-webpage

take sessionID from Atribute XSL.SessionID

put HttpSession and JSession into editor includes

rename something


Cache for the Indexbrowser

Eventhandler for IndexBrowser, to remove the caches if an object of that index is updated, created ord deleted

Properties indexbrowser

removed the classification-to-items.jspx and xsl

objectType is document or disshab

the edit button is now in the resultlist, some formatting fixes

chanegs the &nbsp; to &#160

the objecttype list will be returned from the SetResultListtag, and is used for sorting selectbox

check no for guests

sortname as the sortTofield for indexbrowser fullname

SetResultListTag has a new parameter getting the objectType

some new props

bugfix: indexbrowser forget t o show the last hit

cachekey is a combination of indexbrowser-name and searchstring

faster Indexbrowsing uses a linescache and makes no german sort.

Changes see Properties for Searchfield and FieldsToSort in mycore.*.properties

hidden fields are not shown in the resultlist

changes to use the nwe MyCoRe with the LayoutService Classes

never used, old query

new keys

removed unused MyCoReServlets

sendToLayout is encapsulate the getLayoutService().doLayout, to use the MCRSearchservlet also in the JSPDocPortal Application

removed all duplicated or wrong commits,

hibernate flush operation is configured to flush before commit