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changed PDFCreatorURI
  1. /urmel-printer/trunk/src/main/java/de/uni_jena
sru-pica-import/pom.xml changed group id from fsu.archiv.mycore.sru to org.mycore.sru, added sonatype repo, changed version to 0.0.3-SNAPSHOT
ObjectProducer - use MCRConfiguration2
sru-pica-import - use mycore-parent 44-SNAPSHOT
sru-pica-import - use mycore 2020.05-SNAPSHOT

sru-pica-import - do not create editStatus elements

pom.xml - use pica-query-parser-0.0.2-SNAPSHOT
re-set version to 2018.06.0.1
removed configuration
source and target set to 11
set mycofre version to 2020.02
removed mcr base dep
undo last commits
set version to 44-SNAPSHOT
updated dependencies
fixed collections url
hint to integrated tei service
fixed prop converterWebservice
fixed SRU map import
fixed NPE
ModsToCBUProducer - fixed NPE
CbuProducer - improved length checking
ARC-419 - added K10plus url
fixed place
metsmeta-dfg.xsl - use provided marcrelator role for entitylinks given by their gnd
pdf - removed checking for @type='uniform' attribute in element titleInfo
removed duplicate def.validity
fix wrong url