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add support for cc-by-nd license
show button for external download
add role creator to search result
fix deletion of Servdates
enable display of deleted documents
update DFG Viewer URL
cc-by-nc for data publication
update catalog links for vd's
fix vd16 link
xslt for oai/dbmv
add cc-by-nc-sa to data2hmtl stylesheet
improve call of MCRMODSGVKImport (code separation)
use external pica2mods
fix mods-util.xsl (use proper language attributes when loading classification labels)
use scrollIntoView() for mcrviewer if _mcrviewer_start parameter is present
oai: show mets metadata
show link to derivate file in workspace
fix typo
workflow: use URN in XPath for PersistentIdentifier (used for PICA import)
show licenseinfo in workspace
use everywhere MCRSessionMgr.getCurrentSession()
improve user handling insessions
mcrviewer.tag: replace '%252F' with '_'
XSLT: replace REST API calls by classification uri resolver
handle "/dv_mets" in resolving urls
Workspace: DOI-Anzeige + Pica3 Importer Url
eclipse config: properties in ISO-8859-1
open embedded viewer on docdetails on a given page
oai output for openaire
test svn