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# removed editStatus.xml and thereby the editStatus classification

  1. … 6 more files in changeset.

# xslt-move-state-to-service.xsl move editStatus (if any) to servstate


# added servstate editor support to all cbu related editors and to the imgitem editor

# display marker on images when derivate owner is not worldReadable

editor-template.xsl - support restrict to certail user roles
editor-common.xed - added template with id servstate
solrconfig.xml - added ufb2_restricted request handler
solr-fields.xsl - fixed getQuoteValue template
solr-fields.xsl - fixed getQuoteValue template
editor-cbu-commons.xed - fixed template for hidden notes - OAI kulthura -> exclude Sammlung Schönberg
collections-common.xsl - fixed quote template for objects in "Weimarer Nationalversammlung"
xslt-move-state-to-service.xsl - removed unused namespaces
xslt-move-state-to-service.xsl - removed unused namespaces
xslt-move-state-to-service.xsl - if there is no state in //def.state/state then retain the value in //servstates/servstate/categid
added xslt-move-state-to-service.xsl
save import state in ./mycoreobject/service/servstates/servstate
save import state in ./mycoreobject/service/servstates/servstate
do not display automatically imported digicult objects by default
ARC-484 - fixed retrieval of some props
ARC-484 - DigicultUploadPrepareTask -> fixed field DIGICULT_OBJECT_ID
renamed to
collections-it - added for testing parts of the bootstrap collapse feature (fails with jquery 3.5.0 and bs 4.3) - allow to set bootstrap version in file - use jquery 3.4.0 again as 3.5.0 breaks the collapse functionality of bootstrap 4
added class CollectionsTreeCopier to avoid uploading of certain files (like md5, Thumbs.db oder files starting with a dot)
DigicultUploadPrepareTask - do not prepare hidden files (in general files starting with a dot)
DigicultUploadPrepareTask - check for IGNORE dir
fixed setting of ignore dir
set jquery to 3.5.0 by setting MCR.Layout.JS.JQueryURI=
xslt-merge-note-history-add-type-attr.xsl - added comments to the stylesheet