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slightly improved display of solr-response-pick.xsl
display quote in subselect
changed position of entitylinks.gnd
ARC-423 - enabled autocomplete in remaining templates
ARC-424 - fixed cbu datamodel, made def.authorInformation repeatable
fixed link color of entitylinks
removed modifyFormTools.js and modifySearchFormTools.js from source
removed autocomplete.css from source
ARC-423 - enabled autocomplete in the search form top right
added 'com' to marcrelator.xml
ARC-423 - fixed autocomplete on start page
removed overflow-x: hidden from body; added hover effect on facets
align facet count to the right
fixed ffmpeg command for converting avi into streamable mp4
fixed ffmpeg command for converting mp4 into streamable mp4
reworked UserJobs.xsl for bootstrap 4
ARC-414 - fixed delete dialog (use different urls for deleting of objects and derivates)
ARC-414 - fixed history dialog
ARC-414 - added table-hover class
ARC-414 - removed duplicate class
ARC-414 - bootstrapped version history dialog
ARC-414 - bootstrapped delete confirm dialog; added collections-edit-dialogs.xsl
renamed class thulb-theme-backround-color to thulb-bg-theme
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added some padding to facets
fixed colors of citation of object type file
resolve gnds after pageflip
print scr in search results
print pht, ill in search results
print authors in search results
store gnd of entitylink.gnd.* in solr index