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fixed SRU map import
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fixed NPE
ModsToCBUProducer - fixed NPE
CbuProducer - improved length checking
ARC-419 - added K10plus url
removed duplicate def.validity
migrated to java 8, changed mods to cbu producer to only generate entitylinks for persons/corporations with gnd
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fixed date conversion
removed Deprectated annotation
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try to get and set marc relator code as role
fixed heading
improved setting of heading
fixed compile error
do not import mycore objects anymore, link directly to gnd

M src/main/java/fsu/archiv/mycore/sru/impex/pica/producer/AbstractCorporationProducer.java

M src/main/java/fsu/archiv/mycore/sru/impex/pica/producer/CorporationProducer.java

M src/main/java/fsu/archiv/mycore/sru/impex/pica/producer/EntityProducer.java

M src/main/java/fsu/archiv/mycore/sru/impex/pica/producer/PersonProducer.java

M src/main/java/fsu/archiv/mycore/sru/impex/pica/producer/PrinterProducer.java

java 1.8

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ignore incomplete dates
user proper ObjectProducer for entitylink
printer is of type "person" rather than of type "corporation"
use different type of place when cbu is a manuscript
added support for 033B$p
added gnd support for "Druckort (deutsch)"
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added modsrecord to source; don't create double def.source in kalliope
create def.source element in every object imported
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added fodler and sheet identifier; use val instad of text for better readability; added find first for datafield
remove parent import
added posibility to ignor parent elements
removed forgotten comments
kalliope mods import
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  1. ./main/java/fsu/archiv/mycore/sru/impex/mods/model
  2. ./main/java/fsu/archiv/mycore/sru/impex/mods
-update mycore-version

-use MCR.Metadata.Project as fallback to determine project identifier cause MCR.SWF.* shouldn't be used anymore

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