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sru-pica-import/pom.xml changed group id from fsu.archiv.mycore.sru to org.mycore.sru, added sonatype repo, changed version to 0.0.3-SNAPSHOT
sru-pica-import - use mycore-parent 44-SNAPSHOT
sru-pica-import - use mycore 2020.05-SNAPSHOT
pom.xml - use pica-query-parser-0.0.2-SNAPSHOT
re-set version to 2018.06.0.1
removed configuration
source and target set to 11
set mycofre version to 2020.02
removed mcr base dep
undo last commits
set version to 44-SNAPSHOT
updated dependencies
migrated to java 8, changed mods to cbu producer to only generate entitylinks for persons/corporations with gnd
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sru-pica-import: updated pom.xml (repositories and pluginRepositories)
sru-pica-import: updated pom.xml (repositories and pluginRepositories)
sru-pica-import: updated pom.xml (repositories and pluginRepositories)
removed Deprectated annotation
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set mycore version to 2018.06.0.1-SNAPSHOT
set target releas to 1.7

M src/main/java/fsu/archiv/mycore/sru/impex/pica/producer/AbstractCorporationProducer.java

M src/main/java/fsu/archiv/mycore/sru/impex/pica/producer/CorporationProducer.java

M src/main/java/fsu/archiv/mycore/sru/impex/pica/producer/EntityProducer.java

M src/main/java/fsu/archiv/mycore/sru/impex/pica/producer/PersonProducer.java

M src/main/java/fsu/archiv/mycore/sru/impex/pica/producer/PrinterProducer.java

java 1.8

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update to mycore-parent-33-SNAPSHOT
update to log4j 2.8.2 and solrj 6.6.0
-update mycore-version

-use MCR.Metadata.Project as fallback to determine project identifier cause MCR.SWF.* shouldn't be used anymore

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updated mycore version to 2017.01-SNAPSHOT
fixed url
fixed url
java 1.7
added trunk and moved code
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