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added junit test support for mcr classes
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collections/pom.xml reflect changes in groupId of artifact sru-pica-import
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collections-parent/pom.xml - some formatting, fixed urls and email addresses
collections-parent/pom.xml - removed tomcat8 support, removed unused props

- added CollectionsMediaFilerCommands

- removed tika dependencies

- added dependency to metadata-extractor

- added dependendy to commons-lang3

- MCRObjectBuilder - added support for setting a mods document

pom.xml - use pica-query-parser in version 0.0.2-SNAPSHOT
VersionInfo - attribute SCM-URL
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include mysql in pom.xml
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- added mysql jdbc driver dependency


- added mysql jdbc driver dependency

mycore parent version 43-SNAPSHOT => 44-SNAPSHOT
mycore version 2020.02 => 2020.05-SNAPSHOT
use image-tiler in version 1.13
- use mycore release 2020.02

- use jersey version 2.29.1

- use javax.servlet-api in version 3.1.0

- removed 'runtime' scope from javax.servlet-api artifact

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central first
set mycore-parent to 43-SNAPSHOT
use mycore version 2019.06.3-SNAPSHOT
use 2019.06.2-SNAPSHOT since in 2019.06.3-SNAPSHOT iview2 is not working properly
set log4j from 2.11.1 to 2.11.2
set mycore version from 2018.06.0.4-SNAPSHOT to 2019.06.3-SNAPSHOT
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- CorporationByEditorIT fixes

- some refactoring

- excluded some libs introduced by tika

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- copied classes from dbt

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added class MetadataExtractor, added tika dependency
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lift mycore-parent version to 41-SNAPSHOT
moving back from hikari to c3p0 connection pooling
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updated hikariCP to version 3.3.1
set mycore version to 2018.06.0.4-SNAPSHOT
set hibernate version to 5.4.2.Final
set hibernate version to 5.3.2.Final