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fixed SRU map import
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open classification editor in extra window

- CollectionsMetsGenerator - link children in structMap

- mets-amd.xsl - use fixed amdSec ID 'u-amd-id'

- mets-iview.xsl - create proper logical structMap based on the children of a mycore object (but only when there is not mets.xml in that case use the mets.xml), add ADMID and DMDID where nessecary

- mycoreobject-metsmods.xsl - recurse the children hierarchy for generating the logical structMap

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METS - fixed structMap logical for objects with no derivates

CollectionsMetsGenerator.java - ignore linked objects which have no derivateLinks, set dfg type and label to logical div and all children (now visible to iview2)

mets-dfgProfile.xsl - fixed typo

mets-iview.xsl - commented templates as dfg types and labels are set already by the CollectionsMetsGenerator

mycoreobject-metsmods.xsl - fixed structMap logical for objects with no derivates

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added notnull to uriresolver
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changed query for OAI2 (exclude paratext and cbuUnitTypes.actual:(33.0 33.1)
improved error message when login failed
mycore.properties - changed oai set spec for kulthura and oai2, use category field

solr-fields.xsl - since we are using the category field in oai now there is not need anymore to index child classifications to the category.top field

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mycore.properties - changed oai set spec for kulthura (use projects classification)

solr-fields.xsl - index project to category.top field for child documents (ensures delivery by OAI)

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    • +9
changed oai set spec
support inherited project element in docitem
ARC-470 display detailed messages when login failed due to an expired account
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ARC-420 - improved title field generation: use @Value='Bearbeitung', @Value='Kommentar' and @Value='Exzerpt' in addition
added title to qr code link
ARC-469 - display only one thumbnail as preview
ARC-469 - use thumbnail from media service when sharing an object with a video
set mycore version from 2018.06.0.4-SNAPSHOT to 2019.06.3-SNAPSHOT
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actually stream videos
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ARC-468 - set button text to lowercase in collections template
ARC-468 - set background color to blue in ufb2 template
ARC-468 - set background color to green in collections template
- do not display 'Gast' next to 'Anmelden'

- added template "login-section"

added some logging
UploadJobAction - do not create a new digicult object when there is already one with matching isil/inventoryNo

DigicultUploadPrepareTask - check for directories modification time

fixed hotfolder upload

- treat h1:Field[@Type='bezper' and @Value='Kommentar']", "aut") as author (Amploniana, Kreß 2019-12-10)


- save language text to note element


- fixed issue

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- restrict command to DNBURNGranular


- added command synchronize urn in derivate {0} from database