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ARC-429 added folder fontawesome-free-5.11.2-web
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- added validation type 'positive-integer' to ensure only positive numbers in sortation field in performance xeditor form

- added key editor.error.performance.sort

fixed pagination in response-browse.xsl
fixed pagination in response-listView.xsl

- added default template mode="citation-in-list"

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unified display of default license
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ARC-422 - display image of first linked archivesource or stagesetting in opus children list
ARC-456 - specify parent inventory by label or create the category when category does not exist

- added command "create sip source for id {0}" to just create the sip source directory (standalone test of SIPBuilder)

added licence metadata support to imgitem

- treat 3rd col as ddc also


- support material type and technique

ARC-456 - comment genre and method input element in editor-imgitem.xed
ARC-456 - support location and date metadata
ARC-452 - fixed importImgItemFromCSV(String path) [work in progress]
ARC-452 - fixed typo, determine root categid from parent category

- added public static MCRCategory getOrCreate(MCRCategory parentCategory, String lang, String label) to MCRArchiveUtils.java


- let user confirm delete of an entry of the MCRJob table

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ARC-411 - removed user-statistic.js from source and moved its file content to user_statistic.xsl
ARC-411 - display table if and only if there are results to display
ARC-452 - do not use java to copy tar file to lta directory
ARC-411 - bootstrapped user_statistic.xsl
ARC-411 - bootstrapping user_statistic.xsl
display popover in subselect
ARC-452 - check for parent when scheduling a SIPBuilderJobAction
ARC-452 - do not use java to copy tar file to lta directory

- refactored finally block in SIPBuilderJobAction.java


- do not display empty table

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- use only simple class name in action column


- do not compress SIP