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create def.source element in every object imported
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log org.mycore.solr.* to Solr.log
change to MCRPI
fix comment
ARC-309 #comment if no input then search for all
fixed format
re-enabled urn assignment
fixed font
ARC-308 #comment fixed validation problem with date
get the last word suggestion list
ARC-307 #comment don't save empty rules
deactivated urn assignment
autocomplete should use solr suggest; add terms after; can use right keydown to select
changed groupId
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preparation for #ARC-306

moved all templates regarding the toolbars for editing mycore objects to collections-edit-toolbars.xsl

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download-derivate - when allowed on one object, all derivates down the hierarchy of that object are enabled for download
set autocomplete items width to input width
add leaflet, leaflet iiif, leaflet draw; removed forgotten console log
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added i18n keys for verortungsTool tabs
added autocompletet to start site; fixed solrRequestHandler in szeb
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fix mime type
added tool to mark areas in img in prozent data
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remove java applet text
fixed heading of EADEntities
fixed heading of EADEntities
added jquery ui touch events
added modern stock browser to kirchejena template
sort records
fix keys
restrict height/width of stack trace displayed
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