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sru import import place from 065R for corporations, resolve gnd (if any) on metadata page of corporations, removed location metadata as it has been replaced by place metadata
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added support to 060R|datw to person metadata and sru import

-Personen – kein Import der Wirkungsdaten 548 $4datw Bsp HisBest_person_00014251

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added i18n key metaData.cbu.entitylink.other_uninvolved
made def.footnote repeatable

- Mehrere Fußnoten sollten in einem Schritt löschbar bzw. veränderbar sein. (momentaner Stand: im Bearbeitungsmodus nur erste Fußnote sichtbar. Erst nach Löschen und speichern kann die nächste Fußnote bearbeitet werden.)

- Die Felder "Herkunft des Fingerprints" und "Fußnote" sollten bei allen Hierarchiestufen auch im Bearbeitungsmodus sichtbar und veränderbar/löschbar sein.

display def.authorInformation once again ��
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changed value for i18n metaData.cbu.entitylink.publishingCompany
make alternative_heading_title editable
added new keys
simplified template for displaying entitylinks
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clarified labels
added language support to cbu editora
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sru import - language support
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due to #MCR-1576 do access right checking by acl webpage:/editor-start.xed | read | not (user = guest )
supply stock metadata in mods:note
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added gnd support for places to editors for print type cbus
temp. fix performance issue when loading viewer preview with a lot of images (restricted now to 30 images)
applied changes by mpress to stylesheet
store derivate urn in index for mcrobject
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added some padding, reduced max height
catch runtime exception to keep objects editable once a linked derivate has been deleted
fixed label
fixed result title layout
do not display previews of hidden images
fixed mixed content loading issue in production
generate quote view for corporation metadata
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fixed mixed content loading issue in production
fixed variable name
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fixed variable names
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enable hotfolder upload by mcrid