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fixed solr request handler for korax

- set MCR.QueuedJob.JobThreads=1


- fallback for gnd unresolvable by /rsc/gnd in editor form


- fallback for gnd unresolvable by /rsc/gnd

ARC-462 BS4 layout issues
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- fixed solr-response-imgitem.xsl


- OpusPerformanceIT fixes

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    • +19
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removed tab
enabled license for child objects
manumed save par11 to note element
improvement of manumed import
copy to the original image
removed call of tiffsContainedAreValid(directory) as it marks valid tiffs as invalid
improved logging, be less chatty
do not try to delete files which were moved to the ignored directory
fixed error in MCRUploadJobDistributionTask when digicultParams is null
fixed query
tile image after processing
changed the way the blue tint is removed from images
added derivate id to MCRParameterCollector when invoking tei2html.xsl
use template includePreviewImage
use template includePreviewImage
display any preview image (not only archivesource derivates)
display preview image of archivesource when linking to an archivesource
support place[gnd] in file objects
use result link text as title attribute
fixed form in solr-response-pick.xsl ("More" - button triggered ordinary search instead of browsing within a subselect session)
enabled setting licence for manuscripts

- only display actually available thumbnails

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- only display actually available thumbnails