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- ArchivesourceIT

  1. … 1 more file in changeset.

- fixed solr-response-imgitem.xsl


- OpusPerformanceIT fixes

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use template includePreviewImage
display any preview image (not only archivesource derivates)
display preview image of archivesource when linking to an archivesource
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fixed form in solr-response-pick.xsl ("More" - button triggered ordinary search instead of browsing within a subselect session)

- only display actually available thumbnails

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- added public static String substringBeforeLastIndexOf(String source, String lastIndexOf) to MCRArchiveUtils.java

- fixed error of calculating the filename of the preview image

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- moved directories

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- solr-response-utils.xsl -> display thumbnails from media service when available

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improved generation of field 'facetObjectType'
display pageable on bottom of metadata page when user is browsing through search results
added encoder to exclude-result-prefixes
simplified field facetObjectType for some cbu types (prints, manuscripts and maps)

- migration to font awesome 5.11.2

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fixed pagination in response-browse.xsl
fixed pagination in response-listView.xsl
display popover in subselect

- added hasTEI to index

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ARC-414 - removed extra preface dialog used in stat2 template; use now main simple-thulb-modal-lg-no-footer dialog
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ARC-431 - replaced old jquery subselect dialogs by native xeditor subselects; deprecated MCRReplacePersonServlet; added /data_files to list of allowed solr requesthandlers
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removed SearchResultPreviewImageLocation = left from mycore.properties; removed template name="previewImage", template match="doc" mode="printlatestobjects" and template match="printlatestobjects" priority="1" from collections-common.xsl
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update numfound on small screens when user taps a facet
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place filter button in a row
use different filter/facet icon
ARC-406 - display facets on small devices (except in stat2 template)
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fixed oai set issue (children are not delivered when browsing through sets)
display number of hits on small screens
display numfound on small screens