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use template includePreviewImage
display any preview image (not only archivesource derivates)
display preview image of archivesource when linking to an archivesource
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fixed form in solr-response-pick.xsl ("More" - button triggered ordinary search instead of browsing within a subselect session)
display popover in subselect
ARC-431 - replaced old jquery subselect dialogs by native xeditor subselects; deprecated MCRReplacePersonServlet; added /data_files to list of allowed solr requesthandlers
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renamed subselecToModal.js to editor-subselect-support.js
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slightly improved display of solr-response-pick.xsl
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display quote in subselect
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resolved ARC-372
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added possibility to skip minify with -P no-minify
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ARC-311 #comment minify js and css in standard location
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moved files to xsl/*
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