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collections-common.xsl, cbu-children.xsl - set used size in MCRTileCombineServlet from 'THUMBNAIL' to 'MID'
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collections-common.xsl - fixed quote template for objects in "Weimarer Nationalversammlung"
- added ContentTransformer for each layout template

- removed templates that were just for matching the root tag template_<theme>_start

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collections-common.xsl - fixed template printComponentSolr
collections-common.xsl - fixed preview of archivesource and stagesettings images
use derivateMaindoc rather than maindoc
added title to qr code link
ARC-469 - use thumbnail from media service when sharing an object with a video
use result link text as title attribute

- only display actually available thumbnails

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- some layout (added margin)


- display thumbnails from media encoder in list of children

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- typo


- display links to next and previous sibling

show breadcrumbtrail in stat2 template
support virtual stock 'Nationalversammlung' in app for the staatsarchive
do not show breadcrumbtrail in stat2 template

- added default template mode="citation-in-list"

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ARC-422 - display image of first linked archivesource or stagesetting in opus children list

- display placeholder image when derivate is not completly tiled already

ARC-450 added link to performance
ARC-442 use citation of child object as link text
hover pointer on qr code image
removed fast edit support
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removed SearchResultPreviewImageLocation = left from mycore.properties; removed template name="previewImage", template match="doc" mode="printlatestobjects" and template match="printlatestobjects" priority="1" from collections-common.xsl
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ARC-414 - bootstrapped convert tiff dialog
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renamed class thulb-theme-backround-color to thulb-bg-theme
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changed citation; implemented better default citation template; avoid exception in template printNamesById in entitylinks-common.xsl
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improved readability of text in carousel
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ARC-403 - improved responsivnes of thulb-info-box
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