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solrconfig.xml - fixed sort order and field
solrconfig.xml - added facet.field 'hasImage' to ufb2 request handler
solrconfig.xml - set rows to 15 in digicult2 request handler
removed field maindoc from schema.xml
field position.in.parent must be of type int
ARC-471 - added solr field position.in.parent to reflect the actual position of the object within the parents structure/children element
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set mycore version from 2018.06.0.4-SNAPSHOT to 2019.06.3-SNAPSHOT
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- indexing of root parent is not needed

- use the first parent with a derivate

- renamed getRootParent() to getFirstParentWithDerivate()

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- added field parent.root

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fixed solr request handler for korax
use template includePreviewImage
display preview image of archivesource when linking to an archivesource
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fixed dana req. handler
removed missleading comment
changed /zmvw request handler
added category ids for nationalversammlung inventory
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simplified field facetObjectType for some cbu types (prints, manuscripts and maps)
changed digicult2 request handler
removed unused solr request handler "archive_combined"
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- support links from estates to paratexts

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changed default sort in gsa_default request handler
changed default sort in digicult2 request handler

- replaced ArchDoc_class_002 by ISO639-2 in search.xml

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- added hasTEI to index

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- enabled users in group 'admin' to select a new parent

- added new solr request handler /suitable-parents

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ARC-431 - added requestHandler name="/data_files" to schema.xml
renamed state field to state.categid
added state field to schema.xml
display quote in subselect
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store gnd of entitylink.gnd.* in solr index
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