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changed PDFCreatorURI
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undo last commit
mycore.properties - set MCR.Viewer.PDFCreatorURI=//archive.thulb.uni-jena.de/mets-printer/pdf2

# added /ufb2_restricted to MCR.Solr.Proxy.WhiteList

mycore.properties - OAI kulthura -> exclude Sammlung Schönberg
mycore.properties - allow to set bootstrap version in mycore.properties file
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mycore.properties - use jquery 3.4.0 again as 3.5.0 breaks the collapse functionality of bootstrap 4
set jquery to 3.5.0 by setting MCR.Layout.JS.JQueryURI=https://code.jquery.com/jquery-3.5.0.min.js
mycore.properties - set property MCR.Mail.Recipients as it needed by view2 (https://mycore.atlassian.net/browse/MCR-2191)
ARC-484 - migrated from MCRConfiguration to MCRConfiguration2
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mycore.properties - set MCR.Module-iview2.TilingThreads=4

- added CollectionsMediaFilerCommands

- removed tika dependencies

- added dependency to metadata-extractor

- added dependendy to commons-lang3

- MCRObjectBuilder - added support for setting a mods document

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- added ContentTransformer for each layout template

- removed templates that were just for matching the root tag template_<theme>_start

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ARC-476 - base mods:name[@type='personal'] support
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overwrite user.xsl from mycore-user2
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ARC-476 added very basic mods support
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removed default value for MCR.SIPBuilder.sh.path
set MCR.Solr.DelayIndexing_inMS=1
added MCR.OAIDataProvider.RunListRecordsParallel=false to mycore.properties
ARC-473 - fixed property MCR.TEI.Converter.Service.URL
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added OAI /oai/districts
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- migrate TEI converter service to collections app

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fixed oai/kulthuera
added MetsResolver for collections
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changed query for OAI2 (exclude paratext and cbuUnitTypes.actual:(33.0 33.1)
mycore.properties - changed oai set spec for kulthura and oai2, use category field

solr-fields.xsl - since we are using the category field in oai now there is not need anymore to index child classifications to the category.top field

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mycore.properties - changed oai set spec for kulthura (use projects classification)

solr-fields.xsl - index project to category.top field for child documents (ensures delivery by OAI)

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changed oai set spec

- set MCR.QueuedJob.JobThreads=1