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Sources.java - reflect changes from dbt (proper sort of sources)
ImportFromOpacServlet - publish corporations and persons by default
removed FilenameFilter support in MCRArchiveUtils.java
UploadJobAction - added proper numFound check

ImportFromOpacServlet - set state to 'imported'

fixed prop
save import state in ./mycoreobject/service/servstates/servstate
save import state in ./mycoreobject/service/servstates/servstate
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ARC-484 - fixed retrieval of some props
ARC-484 - DigicultUploadPrepareTask -> fixed field DIGICULT_OBJECT_ID
added class CollectionsTreeCopier to avoid uploading of certain files (like md5, Thumbs.db oder files starting with a dot)
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DigicultUploadPrepareTask - do not prepare hidden files (in general files starting with a dot)
DigicultUploadPrepareTask - check for IGNORE dir
fixed setting of ignore dir
CollectionsRepairCommands - removed java.text.MessageFormat
ARC-484 - migrated from MCRConfiguration to MCRConfiguration2
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MCRConfiguration not only got deprecated but already removed in some MCR* classes
CollectionsAccessStrategy - removed check for mp4 files

- added CollectionsMediaFilerCommands

- removed tika dependencies

- added dependency to metadata-extractor

- added dependendy to commons-lang3

- MCRObjectBuilder - added support for setting a mods document

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ARC-480 - do not add timestamp to inflated digicult directories, inflate digicult directories only if and only if the directory is not existing
VersionInfo - do not use full qualified name for LogManager
VersionInfo - attribute SCM-URL
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VersionInfo - added public Response getAppRev(@Context ServletContext context)
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ARC-480 - added method private boolean isDuplicateJob(Map<String, String> jobParameters)
EADImpexCommands - convert <lb/> elements to linebreaks
EADImpexCommands, file-tabs.xsl - improved letter support
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CollectionsRepairCommands.java - code format
StatisticServlet - fixed szeb url
ARC-478 - better determination of the object type to check, some classification ids were treated as mcr object ids due to their names
EADImpex - added support for letters (HfM Weimar, Wagner)
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