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add command "add entity {0} as {1} to object {2}"
replace command "to object {0} add entity {1} as {2}" by "to object {0} add entity by gnd {1} as {2}"
fixed xpath
added MetsResolver for collections
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fixed SRU map import
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- CollectionsMetsGenerator - link children in structMap

- mets-amd.xsl - use fixed amdSec ID 'u-amd-id'

- mets-iview.xsl - create proper logical structMap based on the children of a mycore object (but only when there is not mets.xml in that case use the mets.xml), add ADMID and DMDID where nessecary

- mycoreobject-metsmods.xsl - recurse the children hierarchy for generating the logical structMap

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METS - fixed structMap logical for objects with no derivates

CollectionsMetsGenerator.java - ignore linked objects which have no derivateLinks, set dfg type and label to logical div and all children (now visible to iview2)

mets-dfgProfile.xsl - fixed typo

mets-iview.xsl - commented templates as dfg types and labels are set already by the CollectionsMetsGenerator

mycoreobject-metsmods.xsl - fixed structMap logical for objects with no derivates

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improved error message when login failed
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ARC-470 display detailed messages when login failed due to an expired account
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ARC-420 - improved title field generation: use @Value='Bearbeitung', @Value='Kommentar' and @Value='Exzerpt' in addition
set mycore version from 2018.06.0.4-SNAPSHOT to 2019.06.3-SNAPSHOT
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added some logging
UploadJobAction - do not create a new digicult object when there is already one with matching isil/inventoryNo

DigicultUploadPrepareTask - check for directories modification time

fixed hotfolder upload

- treat h1:Field[@Type='bezper' and @Value='Kommentar']", "aut") as author (Amploniana, Kreß 2019-12-10)


- save language text to note element


- restrict command to DNBURNGranular


- added command synchronize urn in derivate {0} from database


- preps for 3d viewer test integration

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- indexing of root parent is not needed

- use the first parent with a derivate

- renamed getRootParent() to getFirstParentWithDerivate()

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- added field parent.root

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manumed save par11 to note element
improvement of manumed import
copy to the original image
removed call of tiffsContainedAreValid(directory) as it marks valid tiffs as invalid
improved logging, be less chatty
do not try to delete files which were moved to the ignored directory
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fixed error in MCRUploadJobDistributionTask when digicultParams is null
fixed query