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ARC-480 - do not add timestamp to inflated digicult directories, inflate digicult directories only if and only if the directory is not existing
VersionInfo - do not use full qualified name for LogManager
VersionInfo - attribute SCM-URL
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VersionInfo - added public Response getAppRev(@Context ServletContext context)
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ARC-480 - added method private boolean isDuplicateJob(Map<String, String> jobParameters)
EADImpexCommands - convert <lb/> elements to linebreaks
EADImpexCommands, file-tabs.xsl - improved letter support
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CollectionsRepairCommands.java - code format
StatisticServlet - fixed szeb url
ARC-478 - better determination of the object type to check, some classification ids were treated as mcr object ids due to their names
EADImpex - added support for letters (HfM Weimar, Wagner)
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EADImpexCommands - added support for specifying the label of the root categid used for the import
EADImpexCommands - added support for file type letter and elements of type index/indexentry[persname[@source='GND' and @authfilenumber]]/persname
ClassificationUtils - added public static MCRCategory createClassification(String id, String label, String desc)
FaustImpExCommands - improved method removelb(...)
FaustImpExCommands - improved cza faust import
- fixed issue with not proper rendered tei files

- renamed tei2html.xsl to TEI-tei2html.xsl (needed to recognized by the mycore-viewer)

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code format
fixed command for importing transfer packages
reworked TransferPackageMgr
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use MCRArchiveUtils.getNextFreeIdByType(...)
ARC-473 - remove tei file from cache after successful upload
renamed Nationalversammlung to Weimarer Nationalversammlung
ARC-473 - display login message
ARC-473 - fixed property MCR.TEI.Converter.Service.URL
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ARC-473 - do not display stacktrace as list
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ARC-473 - enable user to toggle the error stacktrace
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ARC-473 - hide the actual error/cause from the user, just display unsupported file hint, stacktrace remains hidden in the html source code
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ARC-473 - autoclose stream
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ARC-473 - autoclose streams