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ARC-480 - do not add timestamp to inflated digicult directories, inflate digicult directories only if and only if the directory is not existing
VersionInfo - do not use full qualified name for LogManager
VersionInfo - attribute SCM-URL
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VersionInfo - added public Response getAppRev(@Context ServletContext context)
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ARC-480 - added method private boolean isDuplicateJob(Map<String, String> jobParameters)
certificate.xsl - removed unused variables, added some xsl:comment elements
certificate.xsl - improved citation template for object type certificate
certificate.xsl - fixed some gnd related layout issues
added field <field name="title_as_is" type="string" multiValued="true"/>
added field <field name="title_as_is" type="string" multiValued="true"/>
fixed order
changed default sort order for korax request handler in solrconfig.xml
EADImpexCommands - convert <lb/> elements to linebreaks
EADImpexCommands, file-tabs.xsl - improved letter support
CollectionsRepairCommands.java - code format
layout-utils.xsl - removed xsl:comment in template printI18n
collections-common.xsl - fixed template printComponentSolr
StatisticServlet - fixed szeb url
messages_de.properties - added facets.objectType.mods
movie.xsl - fixed label displayed for ./metadata/def.component/component
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collections-common.xsl - fixed preview of archivesource and stagesettings images
solrconfig.xml - fixed sort order and field
editor_form_editor_corporation-choose-method.xml - slightly changed description
display projects only to users which are logged in
fixed link to movie editor
ARC-478 - better determination of the object type to check, some classification ids were treated as mcr object ids due to their names
include mysql in pom.xml
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solrconfig.xml - added facet.field 'hasImage' to ufb2 request handler
EADImpex - added support for letters (HfM Weimar, Wagner)
EADImpexCommands - added support for specifying the label of the root categid used for the import