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sermons.xml - fixed url (set to http://politische-predigten.de/index.php?id=235)
common-ui-elements.xsl - fixed size of thulb logo, renamed 'Datenschutzbestimmungen' to Datenschutz
solr-response.xsl - display first unittitle.type.formal (if any) below object link in search results
Sources.java - reflect changes from dbt (proper sort of sources)
on-document-ready.js - set current revision number as title attribute to the thulb logo in the menu bar
fixed layout on small screens
changed PDFCreatorURI
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ARC-485 - fixed labels
ARC-485 - servstate as facet for logged in users
ARC-485 - performance.xsl - set imageSize param to 'THUMBNAIL'
ARC-485 - removed <xed:include uri="xslStyle:editor-template:webapp:editor/cbu/editor-cbu-commons.xed" ref="def.editStatus"/> from editor-cbu.xed
schema.xml - added field coordinates
undo last commit
mycore.properties - set MCR.Viewer.PDFCreatorURI=//archive.thulb.uni-jena.de/mets-printer/pdf2
mets-iview.xsl - calculate correct page range for full download
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mets-iview.xsl - support download of complete pdf in the dfg-viewer -> retain attributes
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    • +2
mets-iview.xsl - support download of complete pdf in the dfg-viewer
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ImportFromOpacServlet - publish corporations and persons by default

allow setting state in editor-corporation.xed and editor-person.xed

added junit test support for mcr classes
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removed FilenameFilter support in MCRArchiveUtils.java
collections-edit-toolbars-svg.xsl - fixed typo
ARC-485 - display icon in search results when document is restricted to logged in users
collections/pom.xml reflect changes in groupId of artifact sru-pica-import
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UploadJobAction - added proper numFound check

ImportFromOpacServlet - set state to 'imported'

schema.xml - added field servstate.categid
collections-common.xsl, cbu-children.xsl - set used size in MCRTileCombineServlet from 'THUMBNAIL' to 'MID'
solr-response-utils.xsl - set used size in MCRTileCombineServlet to 'MID'