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ARC-485 - display icon in search results when document is restricted to logged in users
collections/pom.xml reflect changes in groupId of artifact sru-pica-import
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sru-pica-import/pom.xml changed group id from fsu.archiv.mycore.sru to org.mycore.sru, added sonatype repo, changed version to 0.0.3-SNAPSHOT
UploadJobAction - added proper numFound check
ObjectProducer - use MCRConfiguration2
sru-pica-import - use mycore-parent 44-SNAPSHOT
sru-pica-import - use mycore 2020.05-SNAPSHOT

ImportFromOpacServlet - set state to 'imported'


sru-pica-import - do not create editStatus elements

schema.xml - added field servstate.categid
collections-common.xsl, cbu-children.xsl - set used size in MCRTileCombineServlet from 'THUMBNAIL' to 'MID'
solr-response-utils.xsl - set used size in MCRTileCombineServlet to 'MID'
fixed and
fixed solrMirrorURL
fixed solrMirrorURL
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fixed prop

# set imageSize to 'MID'


# added /ufb2_restricted to MCR.Solr.Proxy.WhiteList


# do not set editStatus in tests


# removed editStatus.xml and thereby the editStatus classification

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# xslt-move-state-to-service.xsl move editStatus (if any) to servstate


# added servstate editor support to all cbu related editors and to the imgitem editor

# display marker on images when derivate owner is not worldReadable

editor-template.xsl - support restrict to certail user roles
editor-common.xed - added template with id servstate
solrconfig.xml - added ufb2_restricted request handler
solr-fields.xsl - fixed getQuoteValue template
solr-fields.xsl - fixed getQuoteValue template
editor-cbu-commons.xed - fixed template for hidden notes - OAI kulthura -> exclude Sammlung Schönberg
collections-common.xsl - fixed quote template for objects in "Weimarer Nationalversammlung"