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use try-with-ressource
set jar manifest in pom.xml
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add html comment, if webjar locator fails
remove dependency mycore-sass
cleanup maven pom.xml
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improve download button
hide first menu button (empty)
bind MCRViewer to <body> element
close button on popover
improve docdetails for keywords and sdnb class
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remove long text of copyright
fix URL in resolver for fulltext
update "fulltext resolver" to use new MCREnrichedDrivateLink feature
update mycore version
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update DFG Viewer URL
open/release a MyCoRe session in ServletContextListener
use data from mcrenrichedlinkid in frontend
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use new derivate features in workflow
  1. … 1 more file in changeset.
fix docdetails (label now in classification)
fix derivate-list.tag (label now in classification)
remove bootstrap 3 support for MCR-Viewer (supports now bootstrap 4)
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api updates for 2019 LTS
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update links to vd catalogues
update hibernate api call (method tx.wasCommitted() was removed)
bootstrap 4 layout improvements
improve calls of MODSGVKImport
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use external pica2mods
bootstrap4 buttons
property for workspace dir
search and classification browser