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update mycore version to 2020.06.1-SNAPSHOT
use MCRConfiguration2 API
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remove derivate.getLabel() from JSP-Tag derivate-list
fix build error (derivate.setLabel() was removed)
rename MyCoRe property
btn class for result-page-navigation-numfound
update button classes in workspace UI
configure another view for docdetails with property MCR.JSPDocportal.Doctails.View
use new enriched derivate link features in derivate-image tag
use MCRConfiguration2 and format code
add missing version for dependency
eclipse configuration for java 11
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update version to 2020.06 LTS
update version to 2020.06 LTS
    • binary
move API endpoint /explore which allows simple search and filter operations from MyCoRe Rest API to JSPDocportal
use javascript click to submit form
use csrf token on feedback form
add cc-by-nd license support
fix baseurl
fix spelling error
comment for new feature
show download button for external content
add role creator to search result
configuration for datamodel plugin
    • binary
session handling for mcrviewer
fix viewer action (normalize recordIdentifier from path variable)
use mycore-application-starter as maven parent project
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initial pom.xml
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try something new ... generic pom for all mycore-applications
move license and rights images
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