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update mycore version to 2020.06.1-SNAPSHOT
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use MCRConfiguration2 API
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remove derivate.getLabel() from JSP-Tag derivate-list
fix build error (derivate.setLabel() was removed)
rename MyCoRe property
btn class for result-page-navigation-numfound
update button classes in workspace UI
configure another view for docdetails with property MCR.JSPDocportal.Doctails.View
use new enriched derivate link features in derivate-image tag
use MCRConfiguration2 and format code
add missing version for dependency
eclipse configuration for java 11
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update mycore version
update mycore version
update version to 2020.06 LTS
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update version to 2020.06 LTS
    • binary
save 2019.06 LTS branch
save 2019.06 LTS branch
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branch for 2019.06.LTS
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move API endpoint /explore which allows simple search and filter operations from MyCoRe Rest API to JSPDocportal
use javascript click to submit form
use javascript click to submit form
use crsf token on feedback form
use crsf token on feedback form
use csrf token on feedback form
add support for cc-by-nd license
add cc-by-nd license support
fix baseurl
fix spelling error
comment for new feature