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update mycore version
update DFG Viewer URL
update DFG Viewer URL
open/release a MyCoRe session in ServletContextListener
update mods to v3.7 in datamodel
cc-by-nc for data publication
cc-by-nc for data publication
fix xpath error
use data from mcrenrichedlinkid in frontend
use new derivate features in workflow
fix typo and hide note[@type='statement of responsibility']
make resolvingurl prefix configurable
fix docdetails (label now in classification)
fix derivate-list.tag (label now in classification)
remove bootstrap 3 support for MCR-Viewer (supports now bootstrap 4)
  1. … 12 more files in changeset.
api updates for 2019 LTS
update catalog links for vd's
update links to vd catalogues
save jspdocportal-module for mycore2018.LTS into own branch
  1. … 440 more files in changeset.
save jspdocportal-ir-module for mycore2018.LTS into own branch
  1. /jspdocportal/branches/mycore-2018.06.0.x
  2. … 96 more files in changeset.
delete old sample code
  1. … 134 more files in changeset.
update hibernate api call (method tx.wasCommitted() was removed)
# adapt Xpaths for nested related items

# example

k10plus support
# still build report if year is invalid

# show invalid getYear data on excelReport creation

fix vd16 link
xslt for oai/dbmv
xslt for oai/dbmv
add cc-by-nc-sa to data2hmtl stylesheet
add cc-by-nc-sa to data2hmtl stylesheet