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move license and rights images
  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
update css
moved solr base xsl stylesheet
move active class in navitem from <a> to <li>
fix deletion of servdates
fix deletion of Servdates
show deleted documents in docdetails
use solr servlet in javascripts for facets and latest docs on startpage
stripes dispatcher for solr servlet
try to ignore errors in error servlet
try to ignore errors in error servlet
enable display of deleted documents
set version for datamodel-plugin in pom.xml
use try-with-ressource
set jar manifest in pom.xml
add html comment, if webjar locator fails
remove dependency mycore-sass
cleanup maven pom.xml
improve download button
hide first menu button (empty)
fix label
bind MCRViewer to <body> element
close button on popover
improve docdetails for keywords and sdnb class
switch classification event handler on
remove long text of copyright
remove ghb-Klassifikation

show keywords

fix URL in resolver for fulltext
update "fulltext resolver" to use new MCREnrichedDrivateLink feature