reworked TransferPackageMgr
use MCRArchiveUtils.getNextFreeIdByType(...)
ARC-473 - remove tei file from cache after successful upload
renamed Nationalversammlung to Weimarer Nationalversammlung
added MCR.OAIDataProvider.RunListRecordsParallel=false to mycore.properties
display proper intro text
ARC-473 - display login message
fixed collections url
hint to integrated tei service
fixed prop converterWebservice
ARC-473 - fixed property MCR.TEI.Converter.Service.URL
field position.in.parent must be of type int
ARC-473 - do a proper redirect after the upload has been finished
added OAI /oai/districts
ARC-473 - do not display stacktrace as list
ARC-473 - enable user to toggle the error stacktrace
ARC-473 - hide the actual error/cause from the user, just display unsupported file hint, stacktrace remains hidden in the html source code
ARC-473 - autoclose stream
ARC-473 - autoclose streams
ARC-473 - removed comment
ARC-473 - removed panel-body class
ARC-473 - renamed xsl stylesheets
ARC-473 - added back button
ARC-473 - fixed intro texts
ARC-473 - added short intro text
ARC-473 - renamed 'Importieren' button

- added guide-online-tei-conversion.xml for explaining how to use the online tei converter


- fixed layout for drop events (renamed class from 'over' to 'dragover')